Sandy-Photo for 10 top              Welcome. Come on In. Pull up a Chair.

  Hi, I’m Sandy, freelance writer, wife, mom of 5 teenagers, apostle of the interior life and healthy living advocate (okay some say fanatic) and I offer you my personally chosen, tested and life- changing 10 Top Health Secrets.  Sounds a bit far-fetched but I challenge you to be open minded, pay attention, try something new and tell me your story once you do!

Be good to yourself (in a humble and not self-obsessed kinda way).  Feed your mind, your body and your soul.  Love yourself and treat yourself as the beautiful, unrepeatable, one of a kind masterpiece that you are. More details about my fascinating life here.

1. Live a Life of Virtue (coming soon)

2. Attitude is Everything

3. Clean Up Your Act (Toxin Free Cleaning)

4. Beautiful Inside and Out

5. Eat Real Food (Toxin Free Eating)

6. Drink Yourself Healthy

7. All Natural First Aid

8. What you Focus on Expands

9. Laughter is the Best Medicine

10. Dance Like No Ones Watching

Life is a pilgrimage and we need to enjoy the path we are currently traveling. Don’t attempt to make all these changes simultaneously. Choose just one of these areas to begin the journey towards better health and just start. Taking action will begin to propel you forward one better choice at a time. And life will become the fun-filled, glorious and holy adventure it was meant to be.