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Cellulite: Understanding What it Really is and How to Get Rid of It

Joey Atlas, M.X., Exe. Physiology – Women’s Body Enhancement Specialist “Ask any woman on the street what the definition of “cellulite” is and you’ll get a confused variety of answers. From “toxic fat pockets caught in the skin” to “bands of fiber pulling down on the skin” and many odd things in between…” Check out […]

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Anxiety Caused by Reading Xanax Side Effects

side effects of xanax

Xanax (Alprazolam), the popular prescription used for anxiety disorders, panic attacks and is even prescribed for chemotherapy related nausea has a list of side effects a mile long. In fact, I’m a pretty calm and down to earth person but I’ll admit just reading the list made me feel a little panicky!  Are you saying […]

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Don’t Sweat It: Make Your Own All Natural Deodorant

muscle guy USE THIS

You’ve heard the saying, don’t sweat the little things unless you are using deodorant that has chemicals and other ingredients that you shouldn’t be putting anywhere near your body.  In that case, you might just want to try this simple to make recipe that really works to keep you dry and smelling fresh all day […]

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Family Meals: Are You Losing the Battle

Meatloaf-Cupcakes-with-Sweet-Potato-Frosting-easy-kid-approved-dinner-idea (1)

I treasure every time we get to sit down with all 5 kids and enjoy a meal together.  Every meal is an opportunity for sharing our lives while enjoying something nutritious and made with lots of love (usually).  I feel so blessed when this actually happens at our house despite sports and school schedules of […]

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Natural Ways to Manage Tinnitus


While hardly a serious threat to one’s health, tinnitus, a condition that causes ringing and other sorts of sounds in the ears, can be quite troublesome and affect quality of life. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. For example, certain blood vessel conditions may cause tinnitus, and taking medications for said condition may reduce symptoms. […]

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Spring is the Best Time to Detox with a Personal Coach

10 day kleanze

I’m getting ready to start this 10 Day Cleanse and think you should too! Let’s all Spring into the season, healthier and lighter together. I know the reason we often fail in our well intended attempts at making healthier choices is it is tough to go it alone. There is an incredible boost in success […]

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Breakfast Twist: 6 Exciting Egg Recipes

egg recipes

Breakfast Twist with 6 Exciting Egg Recipes Move aside the boring boiled egg, or omelet, or poached eggs for breakfast! Here are some recipes that will bring the punch back to your morning meal: 1. Rolled Omelet with Spinach and Cheddar This delightful recipe takes only 15 minutes to prepare and can serve 4 hungry […]

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Must Have App for Buying Truly Natural Personal Care Products

natural personal care

  How many personal care products do you use in a day? Your daily hygiene routine probably includes shampoo, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen, body lotion, shaving products  or makeup.  Now add in the products you use daily on your kids: sunscreen, diaper rash ointment, dry skin products, shampoo and more. Most people use make […]

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Miracle May True Story: How Thieves Oil Saved Our Pet Goat

miracle may the goat

  Miracle May Our family gathered tearfully as our little goat, May, succumbed to injuries from a dog attack. She was stretched out unnaturally – stiff and still – and her eyes barely flickered. It occurred to me that, though there was nothing more we could do, according to the vet, it might be nice […]

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Cherry Juice: Fact or Myth when Fighting Arthritis and Gout Pain Naturally

 The more advanced medical technology becomes the more we realize how wise Mother Nature is. As highly educated and extremely dedicated food researchers continue their attempt to discover NEW secrets, we sometime realize looking BACK is the wisest thing to do.   It seems many of today’s breakthroughs in modern medicine are simply a discovery […]

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Just for Boomers: Breaking Out of a Fitness Rut


The Baby Boomer population is currently at around 76 million, according to statistics from a wide variety of sources, and it’s only predicted to grow. Boomers are much different than their counterparts in generations past, as they are known for being active and staying in shape. In fact, adopting a more natural lifestyle, such as […]

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Morrocco Method to Beautiful Hair: Results are Undeniable

great hair

Good nutrition comes as second nature these days. Shoppers concerned about their health look for natural ingredients in products. Organic vitamin and mineral supplements line health food store shelves and gym memberships are on the rise. People know that it not only takes quality nutrition and exercise to be in tip-top shape, but that there […]

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Whole Foods Bans 54% of Walmart Foods

beautiful vegetables

It is amazing to me that the whole world seems to be waking up and realizing the problem with our food industry.  It seems that conversations we couldn’t have just 10 years ago for fear our friends would think we were total “granola hippies” are happening more frequently.  The awareness and connection between the rise […]

12 Ways to Feel Better with Essential Oils!

young living header

Alleviates stress and anxiety. Bring peace and balance to your emotions without negative side effects. Shield your body from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Studies find that essential oils are effective against MRSA, the methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus superbug. This bacterium has mutated so effectively that it is resistant to most antibiotics, including penicillin. Experience natural pain relief when […]

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Peace and Calming® Oil Blend from Young Living

orange tree with orange

Containing tangerine, ylang ylang, blue tansy, orange and patchouli, this blend is a must for anyone experiencing stress in their life. Peace & Calming contains properties that relax the mind and calm the body. Diffusing it into your air is a favorite for many people. To calm hyperactive children on a road trip, mix Peace […]

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Shocking Facts about Hospital Cleanliness

Best All Natural Disinfectant is Thieves Oil by Young Living – Over 50 Hospitals use Young Living Essential Oils to fight infection. Posted with Permission at

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Battling Crohn’s Disease with a Vegan Diet

When you have a chronic illness such as Crohn’s disease, there’s really no such thing as finding a cure. The key is finding treatment options that help to reduce your symptoms and make it easier to live the active, healthy lifestyle that so many of us crave. Living with Crohn’s disease is more about managing […]

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7 Healthy Benefits of Quinoa: Recipe Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes

benefits of quinoa

Understanding that Quinoa is a super-food and it’s 7 health benefits is good information. But you need to get it out of the knowing to the reality of actually eating it. Combine this superfood with another great healthy choice like sweet potatoes and you have a homerun recipe.  7 Health Benefits of Quinoa is: gluten […]

Lavender: The Essential of Essential Oils

lavendar YL

Perhaps ancient peoples intuitively knew what researchers are finding out about lavender…it calms anxiety and provides natural stress relief. And that’s not all — lavender has a long list of medicinal properties, making it a natural health superstar. Lavender and Relaxation Using pure therapeutic-grade lavender oil may help with your sleep and mood, and it […]

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Great Recipes for Making Your Own Vitamin Water

vitamin water

I thought I’d do a quick follow up to my post: Symptoms of Chronic Dehydration.  So how much water should you be drinking? Studies have come up with a wide range of recommendations over the years, but your water needs depend on many factors such as your current state of health, how active you are and […]

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All Natural First Aid Kit

Think about this… in the “essential oils world” therapeutic grade oils are well known for their healing properties. In fact, the amount of research on oils is staggering. Essential Oils can be extremely effective when used in First Aid treatment for burns, insect bites, cuts, bruises, and more.     · Anti-bacterial properties make them […]

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8 Unique and Natural Headache Remedies

headache blog natural news

Natural Headache Remedies Almost 10% of the American population report to have suffered from severe and debilitating headaches this past year.  The cost for medical expenses for this type of ailment is $1 billion dollars in one year!  So if you are one of the unfortunate ones to be adding into this statistic, you have […]

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Chronic Dehydration Symptoms Do You Have Them

chronic dehydration

Discovering Chronic Dehydration Symptoms When we think about people getting sick or even dying from water related issues, we often think of 3rdworld countries, unsanitary water conditions or complete lack of safe drinking water.  However, even in the United States where we have access to water 24/7 a majority of individuals are not consuming enough […]

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Thriving When Modern Medicine Fails

So what’s your back up plan if our current medical system were to unravel right before your eyes. Oh wait, I think that might be happening now! Will you be prepared to take control of your families health should medical care suddenly become unavailable.  Do you think you would survive if you found yourself cut […]

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Make Sure Your Grass-Fed Beef Is In Fact Grass-Fed


Each time you invest more money to buy healthier beef, there’s a chance that you end up getting less quality than what you paid for. But thankfully, my friend Nick Pineault, AKA “The Nutrition Nerd” has figured it all for you. Here’s what you need to know… How To Make Sure Your Grass-Fed Beef Is […]

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The Essence of Essential Oils and How they Work

lavendar YL

Why Essential Oils are different from any other supplement and why they work so well.   Because they are concentrated, essential oils are from 50 to 70 times more therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they come from.   Essential oils are known for their ability to “fly” through the thickest cell walls.  In fact, essential […]

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Prescription Drugs Side Effects : Must See Video Spoof

prescription drugs

I would like to believe that the readers at my bloggin space at Natural News and here at 10TopHealth Secrets totally understand that prescription drugs are often not a solution and can be a much bigger problem.  We need to come together as a community well versed in natural living and alternative holistic remedies.  I feel we […]

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Memory Enhancing Rosemary : I Do Remember You


Sniffing Rosemary has recently been scientifically proven to improve memory.  But wait, this is not a new idea. In 1601, Shakespeare writes his play, “Hamlet,” and Ophelia remarks, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance: pray you, love, remember.” And then in 1652, English herbalist Nicholas Culpeper wrote, about rosemary: “Helps a weak memory and quickens the […]

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Dad’s Famous Pancakes and Why Mom Won’t Make Them


Famous Pancakes My husband’s pancakes are pretty famous in these parts. It isn’t unusual for people to stop in on a Saturday morning in hopes of being “invited” to partake. He has just hit on a really simple recipe that works extremely well every time. I pretend I can’t possibly duplicate them, which means most […]

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Save 90% on Your Dental Bills: 3 Simple Steps

smile from natural news

Did you know that over 90% of all gum and teeth problems begin between the teeth?  Taking care of your gums and between the teeth can eliminate many of your dental issues, possibly save your teeth and ultimately save you a lot of money.  There is a space that surrounds each tooth, called the sulcus. […]

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Making Your Own Aromatherapy Oils

essential oils

Aromatherapy is known to help calm and relax people, and it can be used to treat a variety of different ailments. There are many different stores that sell the oils, but learning how to make aromatherapy oils on your own will provide you with a high-quality product that costs less money. You can make several […]

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Love the Lemon Water and Healthy Benefits


I’m not very hard core when it comes to fasting and detoxing. Some would say I’m downright whimpy. I’ve considered doing the lemonade master cleanse you see circulating all over the place. I have read incredible testimonies of how great it works and I’ve read horror stories of people who pass out or worse from […]

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Therapeutic Massage: How to Get Insurance to Pay for Yours

massage nn

Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.   Additional reported health benefits of therapeutic massage include: Treating  and Reducing Anxiety Help with Digestive Issues Fibromyalgia Relief Reduction in Tension Headaches and Migraines Sleep Issues Relief from Aches and Pains Assists Healing of […]

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Toxic Free Homes


Thieves Oil for Toxic Free Homes I don’t want to scare you with this article. My hope is to make you aware so you can be in control of your health. First think about how many toxic chemicals you are exposed to during one day of your life… it all adds up. It is no […]

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Healthy Fruit Snacks Kids Love

fruit snack photo pin

Kids are bombarded by bad food choices in every color, shape and size.  They make everything so cute and tempting to lure in our young children.  Advertisers make food seem so fun.  What’s a mom to do to serve up creative snacks that don’t look or taste weird? This really simple homemade fruit snack recipe […]

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Good Mood Foods: Eat this and Be Happy!

112px-Avocado wikimedia

  The old adage, “You are what you eat” is becoming increasingly true. What we choose to eat and when we eat it has a huge impact on how we feel. Here’s a fun list of foods you should eat to improve your mood fast! Peanut Butter with Apple may be just the ticket. If you are […]


Grandmas Molasses Cookies and No More Gray Hair


My Holidays are never complete until we have enjoyed a batch of Grandma’s Molasses Cookies.  I have always loved these cookies and they turn out just slightly crisp on the outside but deliciously chewy on the inside. The other day I happened upon a great article by Michael Ravensthorpe of describing the benefits of […]

How to Peel Garlic like Magic

garlic peeling

We all know that garlic is good for us.  It has been hailed for lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, balancing blood sugar, fighting viruses and fungus, miracle cure for the cold and flu, and an immune booster.   Nobody likes to peel garlic and the ready to use jar variety costs a fortune.  So how do […]

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Thieves Oil: Protects Against Flus and Colds

The story of Thieves Oil takes us all the way back to the Plague in the 15th century. There were thieves who preyed upon the dead and dying but somehow never became infected. A famous band of four thieves were finally captured in Marseilles, France and charged with the crime of robbing the plague victims. […]

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Are Dentists Destroying our Teeth?

curetooth decay

    Prehistoric humans didn’t own the oral-B supersonic electric toothbrushes we have available today. They certainly didn’t floss daily but they often kept all their teeth and still have them to this day in many prehistoric skulls. I find that very fascinating. Hunter-gatherers had really good teeth,” says Alan Cooper, director of the Australian […]

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Purposeful Cooking with Coconut Oil – Curry 4 Life

Coconut Oil

Health Benefits: Cooking with Coconut Oil Are you cooking for a healthier life? This recipe is not only absolutely delicious but it contains many ingredients that have a positive impact on your health and is good for your waistline. That’s a win-win-win situation. For instance, the spice turmeric is known as the spice that ignites […]

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Is your Virgin Olive Oil a Fake?

It All Starts With A Plant… Vegetable oil is usually made of canola (rapeseed), soybean, corn, cottonseed, safflower or sunflower. These plants are naturally high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But the huge problem is: these kinds of fats are very fragile. Simple exposure to some heat, oxygen […]

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Natural Insomnia Relief..a Dream come true!

Why I can’t Sleep? Good Morning!  If you or your loved ones suffers from insomnia, you are rarely able to  say you are having a “good morning”.   Insomnia is reaching epidemic proportions and more and more people are wondering… Why can’t I sleep?  Our fast-paced, high-demand, super-pressured lifestyles don’t allow us to get a blissful eight hours of […]

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Health Food Scams: Free Range Eggs

The real truth about free-range egg yolks (watch out for this). Pay close attention: BAD NEWS About Free-Range Eggs By Nick Pineault The Nutrition Nerd and author of Truth About Fat Burning Foods Claims on eggs cartons can be VERY misleading. Free-range… pastured… organic… added lutein… added omega-3… So which ones are the best? The simple […]

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Mini Carrot Cake Bites: Gluten and Sugar Free

carrot cake bites

I’ve been really watching what I eat lately and feeling really good, except for my darn sweet tooth.  I happened upon this recipe at and it is amazing!  I love carrot cake but everyone makes it with some form of sugar in it.  Here’s a recipe that is Gluten and Sugar free AND absolutely […]

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Use Caution Reading Food Labels


Eating better is always a good idea but how do you know if you are eating the right foods? Just because something is advertised as “fat-free” or “low calorie” does not necessarily mean that is good for you. Clever marketing techniques allow things to be worded in the way that a consumer would appreciate hearing […]

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