Essential Oils

Essential Oils

A plant contains essential oils as part of its immune system.  Depending on the plant, its unique essential oil can do many things including protecting the plant from pathogenic microorganisms (think fungi, bacteria, etc.) and healing plant injuries.  Because essential oils contain these protective and healing compounds, they can have these properties and more. When cultivating the plants and distilling the oils is done correctly, the end product can have these same therapeutic properties.

 Back to the Basics

Using Essential Oils medicinally dates as far back as 4500BC.  In fact, they were mankind’s first medicine.  There are 188 references to oils in the Bible, where they were used for anointing and for healing the sick.  And now, over 50 US Hospitals, including the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, are using therapeutic-grade essential oils (exclusively Young Living!) in many of their protocols.  Essential oils have been around and continue to be used because they work.

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