Essential Oils

From a young age, we learn that fruits and vegetables are essential for our bodies. That they’re a storehouse of nutrition and life-sustaining vitamins, minerals, and other compounds. Now imagine a gift from nature with far greater potency and versatility…

Essential oils have been described as “nature’s living energy.” Distilled from the stems, bark, leaves, flowers and other parts of the plant, these highly concentrated and aromatic extracts deliver powerful therapeutic properties that support physical and emotional wellbeing. Each oil – depending on the plant(s) it’s derived from – offers unique and life-changing benefits.

By making essential oils a part of their everyday lives, millions of people are discovering a natural path to lifelong wellness.

Essential oils offer incredible versatility which makes them an ideal choice for a cleaner, healthier home.

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 Back to the Basics

Using Essential Oils dates as far back as 4500BC.  In fact, they were mankind’s first medicine.  There are 188 references to oils in the Bible, where they were used for anointing and for healing the sick.  And now, over 50 US Hospitals, including the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, are using essential oils (exclusively Young Living!) in many of their protocols.  Essential oils have been around and continue to be used because they work.

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Getting Started It’s Not Scarey

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Many Hospitals in the US are now putting their trust in essential oils by Young Living!


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